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Importing History
Posted by Alexander Makhnitsky on 12 September 2012 10:45 AM

Using Server Manager users are able to import intraday/day history to a server from a file(s) or simply copy history from one server (route) to another.

Import History From a File 

To import history from a file users should select the desired Route-Instrument in the History node. 
In Chart, the available Intrady/Day history on the server will be visible.

Click the  Import button to open Import Dialog.

First, specify the Path to the file with history, Order of columns, Data/Time Format, and Field Separator.
Only the .csv file format is supported.
Click the Test Import button to check if the path and other settings are correct. 

Once the History has been imported, it will be visible on the chart. Note, for single imports data is not imported directly to the server. First the system will import data only to the user's PC and then the user needs to click Save to load history onto the server.

Group Import From Files

Users can import history from several files to the server with one click. 
Select History Import  in the context menu of Server Manager.

In Import Data Dialog select  a folder location to store historical files. Once selected, the list of available files will become visible. 
After choosing a data location select a Route Name. Once the route has been selected, the system will try to identify Symbol and Period automatically for each file.
If the system cannot identify Symbol correctly the user needs to select Symbol Name manually for each file.
If system cannot identify Period correctly, set Period manually in Additional parameters.
Also select Data Type (Bid, Ask or Trade), order column and format of csv files.
Note, that all files should have the same data format.
Click the Import button to start the import process.


Data will be imported directly to the server and user will be able to see it in chart panel once the import is finished.

Copy History from Instrument to Instrument

 Using Server Manager users can copy history from one instrument  to another using Drag-and-Drop functionality like in the screenshot.


To import history from one server to another with added convenience, users can open a second Server Manager panel and copy history using Drag-and-Drop from one panel to another.

Copy History from Route to Route

Users can copy multiple instruments from one Route to another using Drag-and-Drop. 
Similar to single import, to copy history from one server to another simply use 2 Server Managers in one workspace. 
To copy history, click on the route name and  drag it to the desired server. 


After dropping the icon a Copy History Dialog will appear:

Here users need to select Range for Day/Intraday History, define Route Name where the history should be copied to, and add instrument pairs (From Instrument - To Instrument).
Click Load  button to start copy process. 

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