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Using Workspaces
Posted by Alexey Iliin on 18 November 2011 02:40 PM

A Workspace is a particular configuration of panels, toolbars, charts and/or table layouts that makes up your trading environment. Protrader for Desktop provides a predefined default Workspace and allows you to create  no more than 20 custom Workspaces either by modifying the default settings or by creating a new Workspace from scratch. Custom Workspaces can be saved as .wrk files and reopened whenever required.

Default Workspaces

Protrader Desktop will automatically load the default workspace upon startup. Default workspaces are located in the Protrader installation directory \DefaultWorkspaces\
Click Environment-Workspaces to see all available default workspaces.

After making changes to a Workspace, it becomes a custom Workspace. Custom Workspaces will automatically ask you to save changes when you close ProTrader Desktop. You can save it to the server or locally to your computer. If saved on the server side, the custom workspace will not need to be migrated if you switch to a new computer. 

Note: Brokers sometimes forbid saving workspaces on their servers. In this case you will not see the Content Manger window in the Environment menu.

Keeping Multiple Workspaces Open

During your session, you can load several Workspaces and keep them open simultaneously. When you have more than one Workspace open, they appear as tabs in the panel header. You can switch between the open Workspaces by toggling the tabs. 

New Workspace panel

You can Hide, Lock or Detach any workspace.

Getting a Blank Workspace

To create a new blank (no panels, all toolbars) workspace, select Environment New or click on Add button  in the Workspace Manager.

Saving a Workspace

Any customizations you make to a Workspace can be saved in a Workspace (.wrk) file and loaded later.

To save the current Workspace:

  • Select Environment > Save As. This brings up the Save Workspace to File dialog box.
  • Select a location for saving the Workspace file.
  • Enter the name of your Workspace file.
  • Click Save.
  • If broker allows to save workspace on the server, then you only need to enter a workspace name.

To save any subsequent changes to this Workspace, select Environment > Save Workspace or press Ctrl+S.

Workspace files are saved automatically when you exit the system.

Loading a Workspace

To load a saved Workspace, select Environment Load Workspace. In the Load Workspace dialog box, select your .wrk file and click OK to open.

Renaming a Workspace

Any Workspace can be renamed. To rename a Workspace, right-click on its tab and select Rename Workspace, or double-click the tab. Enter a new name for the file and press Enter.

Closing a Workspace

To close a Workspace, right-click on its tab and select Close Workspace. If it's a newly created workspace, you will be prompted to enter the name of Workspace to save. Click OK to save the Workspace or Cancel to discard it.

Closing Protrader for Desktop

You don’t need to save your changes when you close the application, because workspaces are saved automatically. But on closing you’ll see a warning message. If you don’t want to see this message again, uncheck the Show Next Time box in the left corner of the message-box.


Check out this short tutorial about managing custom workspaces.

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