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Release 28.06.2013
Posted by Alexandr Kachur on 30 June 2013 08:27 PM

Desktop application date of build is 27.06.2013


- Position closing: Additional confirmation added during group position closing.

- Position closing: Close negative and close positive buttons for fast market out will be hidden for brokers from now. 

- Broker messages: standard window buttons removed, to improve usability.


- Chart: Problem with Volumes drawings during zooming.

- Order Entry: It is possible accidentally set up SL or TP during choosing instrument. 

- Market Depth: Market Depth and Time&Sales are refreshed during account change.

- Indicators: Vol is not working properly on intervals 1H, 30M and 15M.

- Environment: Password in shown in plain text in Security logs. 

- Environment: Files and program.ini file is not stored on server during disconnect of application.

- Environment: Time in deal tickets is wrong in case if Polish language enabled.

- Broker messages: No icon in header of window.

- Fibo levels: If you delete all fibo levels on extension or retrenchment, then go to the properties of tool again and there will be no fibolevel panel.

- Internal browser: If change external link in branding - it is not automatically changed if panel is docked.

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