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Release 30.08.2013
Posted by Alexandr Kachur on 30 August 2013 07:15 PM

Desktop application date of build is 30.08.2013



- Trading: Margin level formula changed to: Margin available / Margin Used for Positions * 100(%)

- Reporting: Export from Event log panel to pdf now in format: reportName _Date_Time.pdf 



- Trading: Tr.stop always has GTC TIF.  

- History Data Manager: Export for custom instrument doesn't work.

- Matrix: Hide empty price function usage is locking Auto Center function.

- Order Book: Route name is not shown in case if user has visibility of a few routes.

- Environment: Recovery password function is not working over ssl connection.

- Symbol Info: Tick size parameter doesn't work in case if in server settings set value more than 5 digits after coma.

- Transfer panel: Value of Remains field is not changed during account change.

- Transfer panel: Available for withdrawal in Transfer panel including Credit account operations.

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