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Release 13.09.2013
Posted by Alexander Makhnitsky on 16 September 2013 10:48 AM

Desktop date of build 12.09.2013: 


- Panels: Column Type of Instrument now will show type of instrument (FX, CFD, etc.) intend of instrument group

- Export: Now it’s possible to save snapshot in jpg and png

-Account Details: User Group, Locked, Account Type, Terminal Type, Status field now will be vislible only for administrator.

- Tick Volume:  Ask and Bid Tick Volume now will be calculated as sum of ticks ∑ Ask/Bid tick(i) ,  i=1.....n



- Chart: Kagi chart is empty after application restart

- Installation: Sometimes application has not loaded broker’s default connection (program.ini) if user installs Protrader in not default path.

- External Links: if broker modify external link on server, then application sometimes has not applied new link after restart.

- Chart: News were not visible on chart

- Account Details: Incorrect total value for Current fund capital

- Algo Studio: sometimes trading marks was outside bars where trade occus

- AlgoStudo: minor bug fixes

- Chart: Fibo Time Goals Anylysis tool: fibo levels could be on wrong places after change periods on chart

- Visual Adviser was not saved correctly sometimes

- Account Details: Incorrect calculations of Current fund capital

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