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Posted by Natalia Koval on 27 September 2013 12:14 PM

The General settings menu is used to view and change general properties of the trading terminal. In order to open it go to Environment tab -> Settings. It consists of four main parts:

  • General
  • View
  • Sounds
  • Hotkeys



  • Language - specifies the default language of the user interface. To set the language, select it from the list.
  • Minimize to tray – if checked, the Desktop program will minimize directly into the system tray.
  • Run on startup - when checked, Desktop will automatically start when Windows boots.
  • Auto log in on launch application – if this option is checked, Desktop application will automatically connect to the server while launching.
  • Automatic reconnection – if  checked, the Terminal automatically tries to reconnect to the server after a loss of connection using Automatic reconnection manager.
  • Automatically check for updates – if this option is unchecked the system will not suggest the available updates for the user. In this case in order to check update go to Help tab -> Check for updates. 



  • Rounded average open price – if checked, open price of positions will be rounded in the FX cell, Watchlist, positions, Filled orders, Market depth and other panels (tick size=instrument tick size)
  • Display quantity in lots – if checked, orders quantity is shown in lots; otherwise — in units.
  • Display local time zone – if checked, the local time is displayed (i.e. for chart, orders), otherwise the server time is used.
  • Use fractional ticks for Forex - if checked, tick values will be displayed in Forex format.
  • Abbreviate volumes - if checked, volume values will be abbreviated in all panels.
  • Show deal tickets – if checked, report pop-up boxes are always shown.
  • Tickets black list allows user to select accounts from which he/she doesn’t want to receive trading tickets (about Open position, Closing position, etc.). For example, entering: account1_name, will result in trading tickets being disabled specifically for the account account1_name.
  • Scheme of futures display name - assists in choosing the name of futures. To display a postfix comprised of two symbols choose MY; to display more clear postfix with short name of the month and year choose MMMYY. The trading terminal must be reloaded after setting the value.



When Enable sound is checked sounds can be played. Only sounds that are checked will be played.

By clicking on the “Folder” button, user can change sounds by loading a custom sound. To listen to a sound click the “Play” button. To revert a sound back to its default, click the button “Reset to default”.



To edit existing hotkeys or to create new ones, go to the Hotkeys menu.

To edit an existing action expand the Main item, select the action from the list and set a new value.

By clicking  button user can also add following new actions:

  • Place order
  • Run macros
  • Quick run macros
  • Add indicator
  • Quick add indicator

Choose the needed action type, add all parameters, and a new sub-item will be created. Select this sub-item and set a hotkey combination for this action. To edit action parameters press the стрелка button. To delete the created action, press the  button.

Also you can view more information about Scalper hotkets here.

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