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Status bar and Ribbon menu
Posted by Natalia Koval on 27 September 2013 02:13 PM

Configuring the Status bar

The status bar, located at the bottom of the screen, makes it possible to "stream" information such as news, account summary, connection status, and many others. The status bar can be customized to show only information that user needs. Right click on status bar and choose settings

The following window will be opened:


The status bar can display (from left to right):

  • Account information – all fields which are available for account in Accounts panel.
  • Symbols information – current price and change from previous session close are shown. Three symbols can be selected.
  • News - the news ticker. Double-clicking a news headline displays the full text of the story in a web browser window.
  • Events – the events ticker. Click on it to see the whole information about last event.
  • Connection info (in/out) - shows a blue circle when Terminal is connected to server and the number of messages (quotes, trading requests and responses, etc.) received and sent during the current session. When disconnected, the circle turns red.
  • Date/Time - the current time or date; or both date and time.
  • Ping information – shows the response time of the server (ms) to which the client is connected.

The Ribbon menu

Environment: connection settings, changing password, workspaces manager, general settings.

Terminal: access to various panels which allow to trade, analyze trading activity, and monitor market conditions.

Account: here user can get access to account information, account operations, account management and reports.

Tools: Algostudio, Alerts, History data manager, Portfolio, Trading system list.

View: options for hiding toolbar and workspace bar, language and style panels.

Help: access to the Knowledge base, PFSoft web-site, feedback, updates, and log files.

Each user can customize toolbar how he wants. To provide this make right click on toolbar and select customize. The following window will be opened:


Through this menu User can manage toolbar. It is possible to add and remove objects (panels, tools etc.) from the toolbar.

All selected objects will appear on Toolbar under the Main menu:


 – allows changing coloring scheme of the trading terminal, two coloring schemes are available: dark and light. Note: when changing the coloring scheme all color setting will be reset and all unsaved layouts will be lost.

 – if active, all trading operations will be bloсked except alerts, scripts and strategies. 

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