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Arranging Panels
Posted by Alexey Iliin on 18 November 2011 02:41 PM

You can create your own trading environment by displaying/hiding and rearranging panels and toolbars.

To build a Workspace from scratch, select Environment > New and you'll see a blank screen. Then, open the panels you want using the Trading Terminal toolbar and arrange them as described below. When you have finished customizing your panels, just save the workspace and you will be able to access this customized environment anytime.

Docking and Floating Panels

Panels can either float, be docked, or be detached.

A floating panel can be moved freely over the main Protrader Terminal window. By default all panels are opened in the floating style.

Docked panels can be arranged into tabbed areas where one or more panels are conveniently fit under/over/beside other panels.

Docking panels is simple - just move the panel above the main window. Buttons like this one  will appear. Drag the panel into the button to preview it's next position.

To float a docked panel just drag and drop it to the place you want.

Detaching Workspaces/Panels

You can detach workspaces and separate them from the main Protrader Terminal window. This is useful, for example, for displaying certain panels on a second monitor.
To detach a workspace, simply click the  button in the workspace header.

To detach a panel, make sure it is floating first, then just drag it to the desired location.

Collapsing Panels

Clicking the pin button  in the panel's header collapses the panel to a label pinned along the edge of the main window. When you move the mouse over the label, the panel expands halfway into the Workspace. Click the pin button again to expand the panel. This option is available only when the panel is in docked state.

Creating Tabbed Areas

Creating tabbed groups of panels helps save screen space and maximizes efficiency.

To make a panel appear as a tab, drag it over another panel (or tabbed area). The symbol will appear. Be sure to highlight the exact area that you'd like to turn into tabs, and release the mouse button.

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