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Release 11.10.2013
Posted by Alexander Makhnitsky on 11 October 2013 08:35 PM

Server version 1.1.2563:



- Optimization: decreased number of PFIX messages that Server send to client when broker save instrument.

- New rule is added to Users-Customer Access to hide Symbol Info panel

- Realized Permissions for WebStattion for Active Finance integration

- Even History Report - no records about creation of SL/TP orders

- When user closes positions that was opened from OCO order, then he can see wrong message that some Order was Removed.

- Peresys: add possibility to use GTC and Day TIF for Market Order.

- Peresys now supports news messages.

-Citi Stocks: Added GTD TIF.

- MorganStanly Futures: Expired Order Status was not supported.

- Citi Stocsk: Done For Day order status was not supported.



- Orders Panel. Change to Market for partially filled orders is not working correctly.

- Changed Pending to Market doesn't work if TIF of the pending orders was not supported by Market Order.

- Limit Order Modified Confirmation windows doesn't show correct value for "Modified By".

- If user create Market order with SL or/and TP, where for SL/TP only Day orders is allowed, then system create SL/TP as GTC. New logic for settings SL/TP TIF is following:
If GTC is allowed, system will use GTC. Otherwise system will use TIF of main order. IF TIF of main order is not allowed for SL/TP, then system will use first allowed TIF in Route settings (for corresponding order)

- System allowed to delete instruments on cluster server even if there are some opened positions on this instruments.

- Server allowed to set Tr.Stop for position even if all TIFS for TR.Stop order are disabled in route settings.

- Bug in Chat History Report.

- Minor fixes for Chat.

- Fund Request History Report - incorrect time stamp for Fund Reject.

-Citi Stocks - added possibility to automatically synchronize sequence number in case of re-synchronization.

- Error "Can't parse log filenull" is fixed.

- Broker can see instruments and scheduler tasks in BO where he doesn't have permissions (according to visibility rules).

- FIX API: Trade Capture REport Request worked incorrectly.

- FIX API - impossible to close position.

- SOAP API - method=lastQuote returned results with grammar mistake.

- Funds: timestampt for Last succesful rollover message is wrong.

-it was impossible to place SL/TP for JPmorgan, Barclays and Deautch bank

- RBS - wrong incorrect tag error message.

- FXOpen incorrect tag error message.

- Citi Reconsilation: incorrect tag error message.


Desktop date of build 11.10.2013:


- Drawing - Fibonacy Expansion. Added possibility to use negative levels.

- Trades panel. Added possibility to request Trade history if some columns are hiden (will work only for External ID, Route Name, External Price).


- Reconnection Manager can keep reconnecting even if the user password was reset or changed on the server.

- When user tries to add SL/TP for OCO order on the chart, then SL/TP can be attached to the wrong "leg" of OCO order

- Order panel. Cancel Order Buttons were visible for admin that doesn't have permission to cancel orders on behalf of the users.

- Ddrawings - Reset to My Settings has not saved the settings.

- Drawings Settings Appearance. System push a "You have unsaved changes. Exit and lose your changes?" message even if there was no changes.

- Wrong coding of reports for chinese language when exporting to file

- Some Styles was removed from Chart Settings (to avoid conflicts in settings)

- Historical Data Manager has not worked with SSL correctly

- Historical Data Manager. Export history is not worked for custom periods.

Webstation date of build 11.10.2013:

- Added SMS password for logining in webstation

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