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Release 08.11.2013
Posted by Alexander Makhnitsky on 10 November 2013 11:23 AM

Server version 1.1.2623:

- Connection History Report: Added Terminal Type and Version of Build

- Change to Market for partially filled orders was not worked correctly;

- User had a possibility to open position locally if broker disabled instrument on the route but user has not reconnected yet;
- After server restart Credit value column on Users page was incorrect;
- Solved problem with export reports to csv file;
- if broker unblock user, then system could block user after first attempt of inputting incorrect password (wrong password allowed>=2);
- fixed bug with canceling of partially filled MAM order;
- the close price and close order in Operation: All Positions was wrong;
- Open Position Report: filtering by Route was not working properly;
- Fixed problem with applying new settings when moving User/Instrument to another group;
- Citi Stocks: now system will ignore missing tag 59 in Execution Report.


Desktop date of build 08.11.2013:


- Added possibility to partially close MAM positions;
- Added possibility to import contracts from csv file.

- Fixed rule Not allow Open Position on Instrument;
- Fixed problem with exporting reports do PDF;
- Incorrect Time in Notification Ticket was fixed.


Android Version 1.0.15:

- application was shutting down if rotate Chart on some devices;
- incorrect rounding of current price in confirmation window;
- Chart: Drawings: Fixed bug with modifying of Line or Fibonacci phi-channel;
- fixed problem with colors on Android 2.3.6;
- Fixed problem with SMS authorization;
- Users could place OCO order if this is disabled in Risk management;
- New mechanism for Registration of Demo users where all settings is taken from branding during startup of application.

iOS Version 1.5.0:

- New mechanism for Registration of Demo users where all settings is taken from branding during startup of application;
- Cut confirmation message in iPad with iOS7;
- Incorrect rotation of the window with confirmation message;
- Added limit to maximum number of news that is requesting from server (80 news).

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