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Release 18.04.2014
Posted by Sergey Safronov on 18 April 2014 06:07 PM

Server version 1.1.2833 r:

- 28236. Changed text of reject message when users try to open short positions if rule "not allow short positions"=true.
- 28111. Trades report: added checkbox "is Mutual": shows Mutual trades.
- 27523. Soap: added new values for parameter "request" in getStatistics method
- 26987. Reuters RET integration: Stop trading rule after receiving indicative quotes is moved to instrument Level
- 28044. Balance Report: added "Basis" column
- 28829 Fund Task: Optimization of Select Requests to DB 

- 28395. Quotes Delay Store Path: grammatical error in the field title
- 28818. Futures: AutoClose error after futures maintenance task execution
- 28876. Account Statement report: Incorrect margin available value
- 28926. Smart Route: problem with displaying original route name in order
- 27662. Route settings: If "trade" option is false, then administrator can chane availalbe TIFs
- 28349. If SL/TP and Market Close order executing at the same moment of time, broker now will not get mismatch with Liquidity Provider
- 28388. Added additional logs to "error during sending letter"
- fixed deadlock when trading MAM account

Desktop date of build 18.04.2014:

- 28485. Positions: hide route name in notbuttons if user can see only 1 route per instrument
- 28458. Alerts: are removed after connection loss
- 28017. MAM: incorrect quantity allocation
- 27928. Market depth: Cancell all orders doesn't work
- 27173. Matrix: Rev/Close buttons close positions by instrument for all accounts
- 28646. OE: autosizing broken in absolute

 WebStation version 2.68


-27100. Instrument lookup: trivial functional changing

- 27125,27124: (Layout):  title changing with forbidden symbols and spaces
- 27116. Browser: visible browser context menu in WebStation panels
- 27107. Chart settings: trivial issue with resetting to defaults settings
- 26723. OE: TR changes to absolute when instrument change
- 26315. Change password: Problem with changing password after "auto reset password" execution
- 26314. Close all positions: editing text of "close all" message
- 19716. Localization keys : adding new localization keys
- 19204. Chart: wrong Fibo Retrenchment values 
- 19638. Language: changing language don't applied for all panels 
- 19264. Chart: Changing location of zoom buttons 
- 16984. Time/Date: Problem with date in MD


- 28955.  News: trivial changes in PFIX Protocol for displaying messages


- 28532. News: trivial changes in PFIX Protocol for displaying messages

- 28961. Massages: Incorrect massages when connecting to server
- 26363. Chart: Optimizing memory leaks
- 28558. Application optimizing after updating Xcode

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