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Status Bar and Ribbon Menu
Posted by Alexey Iliin on 18 November 2011 02:47 PM

Configuring the Status Bar

The status bar, located at the bottom of the screen, makes it possible to "stream" information such as News, Account Summary, Connection Status, and many others. The status bar can be customized to show only information that you need.

Status Bar

The status bar can display (from left to right):

  • Messages - usually, these are messages from your Broker that welcome you or inform you that the market is closed. Sometimes, these messages may contain important announcements, so it is recommended to keep messages enabled in the status bar.
  • News - the news ticker. Double-clicking a news headline displays the full text of the story in a Web Browser window.
  • Quotes - the quote ticker. You can choose one or several instruments that will be shown in Status Bar. Also you can adjust the speed at which quotes are displayed. If there is a small list of quotes, they will be shown static.
  • Account Summary - shows up to three items from your Account Summary panel.
  • Connection Status - shows a blue circle when you are connected to the server, and the number of messages (quotes, trading requests and responses, etc.) received and sent during the current session. When disconnected, the circle turns purple.
  • Date/Time - the current time or date; or both date and time.

To select the items you want to display, right-click on the status bar and click on the item that you want to put on the status bar. To configure the Account Summary display, guide your mouse to Account Summary at the bottom of the status bar drop-down menu and check the items you want to see. In a similar way you can also configure the Date/Time display.

The Ribbon menu

Environment: Managing workspaces, language selection, interface style, password changing, connection settings, and options.

Terminal: Access to various panels that allow you to trade, analyze your trading activity, and monitor market conditions.

Account: Here you can view your account balance, make withdrawals, manage funds, and view reports.

Tools: AlgoStudio, alerts, system monitoring, server manager and other tools.

Help:  Access to the knowledge base, feedback, updates, and log files.

You can choose to maximize the ribbon for easy access or minimize it to optimize screen space for trading.

To minimize/maximize the ribbon, click the customize button in the Quick Access Toolbar at the top right of the screen. Choose Maximize the Ribbon to show the ribbon for easy access. Choose Minimize the Ribbon to hide the ribbon and only show it when you click a ribbon tab.

Ribbon menu

Quick Acess Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar at the top right of the screen gives you single-click access to many Protrader Terminal tools and functions.

You can customize the toolbar so that the tools you use most frequently are easily accessible.

To add and remove commands in the Quick Access Toolbar:

  • Click the customize button in the Quick Access Toolbar at the top right of the screen.
  • Choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar. The Customize Quick Access Toolbar opens.
  • Choose a category from the Choose commands from the drop-down list.
  • To add a command, in the list on the left, select command that you want to add and then click Add.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar

  • To remove a command, select the command from the list on the right that you want to remove and then click Remove.
  • You can also choose to show the toolbar above or below the ribbon by checking or unchecking the Place Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon checkbox.
  • Click OK.

Here's a short tutorial on the Status Bar and Ribbon Menu:

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