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Creating Custom Column
Posted by Alexander Makhnitsky on 20 August 2014 12:20 PM
As developer you can add custom column in any informational panel of Protrader using your own code.
There are 2 ways how you can start creating a Custom Column:
  1. open AlgoStudio and click on the  button in the main menu of the window. The following window will be opened:

    Select Custom Column option, choose the panel from drop-down list and select whether you want to add display Indicative Value or Button in the column of desire panel
  2. Open Settings of the panel in Desktop, go to Columns tab and click on the  button in the header of the Settings window. The following will be shown:

    Input the name of the Custom Column your nead (Header Text) and Click "New" to Run AlgoStudio to create new script for Custom Column.
    Here you are also able to select script for custom Column from the list. By default the list is empty, so you need to create at least 1 script to select anything.

In Attached you will be able to find several examples of Custom Column scripts created in C# 
Please refer C# language documentation for more information.

If you would like to add attached script as column in Protrader folow next steps:
  1.  run AlgoStudo
  2. Open  and Compile attached script
  3. in Protrader Desktop open the panel (for example, if you have compiled allowshortposition.cs, you need to open the WatchList)
  4. go to Settings->Columns and Click on the  button in the header of the Settings window
  5. Select a AllowShortPosition script from dropdown list, renambe the column if reqiured. 
  6. Click Apply and the new Column will be added as below:

 orderdeficiency.cs (8.20 KB)
 ordersurplus.cs (8.17 KB)
 positiondeficiency.cs (8.23 KB)
 positionsurplus.cs (8.21 KB)
 allowshortposition.cs (5.77 KB)

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