Client Portal: General Settings
Posted by Alexey Iliin on 18 November 2011 03:33 PM

The General settings menu is used to view and change general properties of the Trading Terminal. It consists of three main parts.



  • Language - specifies the default language of the user interface. To set the language, select it from the list.
  • Auto resort tables - if this option is checked, the table will be resorted when the value of cells is changing.
  • Display local time - when checked, the local time is displayed (i.e. for Chart, Orders), otherwise the server time is used.
  • Minimize to tray - the Desktop program will minimize directly into the system tray.
  • Run on startup - when checked, Desktop will automatically start when Windows boots.


  • When Automatic reconnection is checked, the Terminal automatically tries to reconnect to the server after a loss of connection using Automatic Reconnection Manager.
  • If Connect after running is checked, when you launch Desktop, it will automatically connect to the server.


  • Automatically check for updates - uncheck this option if you want to check updates by yourself. To check update click Help > Check for Update.




When Enable sounds is checked sounds can be played.

You can change sounds by loading a new sound to the window Select file from local folder. To listen to a sound click the Play button. To revert a sound back it's default, click the button Reset to default sound.




To edit existing hotkeys or to create new ones, go to the Hotkeys menu.

To edit an existing action expand the Main item, select the action from the list and set a new value.

You can also add a new action which creates a new order by pressing a special key combination. To do this, click the Create custom action link, choose your action type, and a new sub-item will be created called <Empty order params>. Select this sub-item and click edit; the order entry panel will appear.

Select the parameters to open a new order and press Buy or Sell. The order will not be created, but once you execute this action, it will be initiated. After that it is possible to set a hotkey for this action.

Use Default allows you to revert Settings to their default (master) values.

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